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Exciting news of the day

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Jun. 24th, 2010 | 06:27 pm

I bought a new belt.

My old braided belt was wearing out after about a year, So I decided I wanted to get a good sturdy one this time.

I went to a shop on North Conway, N.H. called Beggar's Pouch

I got myself a russet embossed "Spanish Shoulder Leather" belt, with a brass buckle for $44.
They even sized the belt to fit me.

Here are what some of their belts look like


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been there loved the leather

from: janmagic
date: Jun. 25th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)

well i have been to the stores of north conway, and if it was there in 1990 ish then i was there. then i drove to burlington in a snowstorm, in a hunday. scary.

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