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It's that time of year

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Apr. 30th, 2013 | 09:56 pm

Now that it is spring I'm sure all of you are thinking the same thing I am,

"What should I put on my Pegasus Awards Brainstorming form?"

As we think about some of the best in filk we have heard in the past year, let me remind people of a couple of the eligibility requirements of the Pegasus Awards.

People who have won a performing or composition Pegasus in the past five years cannot be nominated in that same category.

This means that:
Best Performer:
2012 Betsy Tinney, Wild Mercy
2011 Amy McNally
2010 S. J. Tucker
2009 Heather Dale / Ben Deschamps
2008 Vixy & Tony
cannot be nominated in this category this year

Best Writer/Composer:
2012 Juanita Coulson, Dr. Mary Crowell
2011 S. J. Tucker
2010 Heather Dale
2009 Vixy & Tony
2008 Seanan McGuire
cannot be nominated in this category this year

Also there is a 2-on-1-off rule that says anyone who was nominated both of the past two years, is not eligible this year. This means Ben Newman cannot be nominated for Best Writer/Composer this year.

There is also a 2-on-1-off rule for the Best Filk and Best Classic Filk categories

In Best Filk the following songs are not eligible this year:
Paper Worlds by Talis Kimberley
Somebody Will by Ada Palmer

In Best Classic Filk the following songs are not eligible this year:
Gone Filkin' by Tom Jeffers
Little Fuzzy Animals by Frank Hayes

This year's "rotating" categories are:
Best Fairytale Song
Best Alien Song

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Comments {2}


from: hms42
date: May. 1st, 2013 04:48 am (UTC)

Thanks for the reminder (and taking time to research those on the off year(s)). I have been submitting songs (and people) over time, as I hear them and think they fit the categories. I know I heard a few at FKO last week.

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Lady Mondegreen


from: ladymondegreen
date: May. 1st, 2013 04:17 pm (UTC)

This is really useful. Thank you. It will help me with my brainstorming!

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