Peter (maverick_weirdo) wrote,

"Ravens in the Library" Review

I finished Ravens in the Library today. It took me a while to find a common thread to the collection. There are stories of fantasy, of time travel, of urban settings, of rustic settings, of magic and mundanity, of loss and of love. The artwork was equally varied, but each image well suited the story it went with.

While the subject matter tends to be very different from one to another, as a whole it is clear to me that this is a collection of fables. Rather than a moral, each story (including the introduction) contains a warning of one kind or another. Some are cautionary tales, while others show the value of hope.

I’ll admit that a couple of the stories may have been darker than I prefer, but there is not one poorly written story in the collection. Whether heartening or haunting each was evocative and worth reading once, some I will read again and again.
Tags: books
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