"I'm going to go back there someday"

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I am primarily creating this account so I can reply to other journals, do not expect frequent updates.

Here is what some of my friends have said about me

"Having recently returned from a whirlwind tour in which he plucked chickens in front of large(ish) crowds in seventeen different countries (there are, in fact, some things you can't do in Belgium), he looks forward to embarking on a career as a convention going, kilt wearing, long hair sporting, gamer geek, at least until his bid to fly in a commercial space shuttle is finally accepted. (Being as he only had $0.37 to bid, that could be a while.) He can be found frequenting filk circles and canoodling with kyttn when he’s not taking long hikes through forgotten forests. To learn more about him, you'll just have to take the plunge and read his journal."

"He appears quiet. Until he speaks. Then he’s occasionally profound or funny"

"May make Muppet references without notice. Approach with caution"

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